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Katie Geiger

Katie Geiger - 3rd year, Barrick lab

College:  Indiana University (BA Biochemistry (Honors), BA French, 2011)

Research: Protein folding and DNA binding properties of TALE repeat proteins.

Alvin Yu - 3rd year, Lau lab

College:  Caltech (BS Physics, 2011)

Research:  Ligand binding pathways in a glutamate receptor.

Alvin Yu
Carla Coltharp

Carla Coltharp - 5th year, Xiao lab

College:  MIT (BS Chemistry, 2006)

Research:  I am developing super-resolution imaging techniques to study cytoskeletal dynamics of bacterial cell division in vivo.

Alexia Miller - 2nd year, Bosch lab

College:  Princeton (BS Physics, 2012)

Research:  Characterizing and inhibiting the interaction between two autophagy-related proteins in various apicomplexan organisms.

Alexia Miller
Hesam Motlagh

Hesam Motlagh - 4th year, Hilser lab

College:  Miami University Oxford OH (BS Biochemistry, BS Mathematics & Statistics, 2010)

Research:  Single molecule characterization and statistical thermodynamic modeling of allosteric regulatory elements in the steroid hormone receptor family.


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