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Computation, Theory & Prediction

Amzel scientific imageMario Amzel
Structure and mechanism of proteins involved in redox or phosphoryl transfer reactions, such as FPPS, MICAL, and Pl3K-alpha.  Many of these proteins studied are targets for drug design.
Chirikjian scientific imageGreg Chirikjian
Computational mechanics of large proteins, conformational statistics of biological macromolecules, applied mathematics
Garcia-Moreno scientific imageBertrand García-Moreno
Experimental and computational studies of protein electrostatics, structure-based energy calculations, ligand-driven conformational transition, bioenergetics
Gray scientific imageJeffrey Gray
Associate Professor
Biomolecular modeling, protein-protein docking, protein-surface interactions, allostery, biomineralization
Hilser scientific imageVincent J. Hilser
Conformational fluctuations in function, disease and evolution
Johnson research imageMargaret Johnson
Assistant Professor
Theoretical and computational modeling of protein interactions at the cellular scale
Lau scientific imageAlbert Lau
Assistant Professor
Characterization of biomolecular association and conformational transitions using computational and crystallographic approachers
Elijah Roberts
Assistant Professor
Investigating the creation and use of in silico cell models
Shortle scientific imageDavid Shortle
Protein folding and stability, NMR analysis of denatured protein, preduction of protein structure from sequence


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