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Enzymes & Metabolic Pathways

Barrick scientific imageDoug Barrick
Stability and folding of modular proteins, structure and sequence analysis of protein evolution, protein-protein interactions in signaling pathways
James Berger
Structure, mechanism, and regulation of molecular machines and assemblies
Cone scientific imageRichard Cone
Mucosal protection by bacteria
Dominique Frueh research image

Dominique Frueh
Assistant Professor
NMR studies of modulations of protein dynamics and conformations in active enzymatic systems

Green scientific image

Rachel Green
Molecular mechanisms of translation and its regulation

Taekjip Ha
Single-molecule studies of genomic maintenance
Marc Ostermeier
Biomolecular engineering
Sean Prigge
Associate Professor
Crystallography of malaria proteins
Elijah Roberts
Assistant Professor
Investigating the creation and use of in silico cell models
Steven Rokita
Mechanistic and structural studies of enzymes, reversible but covalent reactivity of nucleic acids
Justine Roth
Associate Professor
Metalloenzyme catalysis, mechanistic studies of oxidative protein modification and damage by reactive oxygen species
Jungsan Sohn
Assistant Professor
Structure and function of biological stress-sensors
Jim Stivers
Enzymology of DNA repair and topoisomerases, structure and mechanism by NMR spectroscopy, inhibitor design
Craig Townsend
Natural product chemistry, enzymology and molecular biology, fatty acid synthase inhibitors for cancer, tuberculosis and obesity
Cynthia Wolberger
Structural studies of transcription regulation, crystallography of transcriptional silencing enzymes, ubiquitin
Sarah Woodson
Folding and dynamics of RNA and RNA-protein complexes


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