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Protein Design & Evolution

Gray scientific imageJeffrey Gray
Associate Professor
Biomolecular modeling, protein-protein docking, protein-surface interactions, allostery, biomineralization
Hilser scientific imageVincent J. Hilser
Conformational fluctuations in function, disease and evolution
Johnson research imageMargaret Johnson
Assistant Professor
Theoretical and computational modeling of protein interactions at the cellular scale
Ostermeier scientific imageMarc Ostermeier
Biomolecular engineering
Steven Rokita research imageSteven Rokita
Mechanistic and structural studies of enzymes, reversible but covalent reactivity of nucleic acids
Schleif scientific imageRobert Schleif
Mechanism of protein function, particularly regulatory proteins, using genetic, biochemical, biophysical, and computational methods
Wade scientific imageHerschel Wade
Assistant Professor
Molecular mechanisms of ligand-dependent transcriptional activation-repression, broadly-specific receptor-ligand systems



Program in Molecular Biophysics
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