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Protein Folding & Dynamics

Amzel scientific imageMario Amzel
Structure and mechanism of proteins involved in redox or phosphoryl transfer reactions, such as FPPS, MICAL, and Pl3K-alpha.  Many of these proteins studied are targets for drug design.
Barrick scientific imageDoug Barrick
Stability and folding of modular proteins, structure and sequence analysis of protein evolution, protein-protein interactions in signaling pathways
Fleming scientific image

Karen Fleming
Membrane protein folding, cellular biogenesis of membrane proteins, thermodynamics of protein-protein interactions in membranes, protein engineering, membrane protein modeling

Dominique Frueh research imageDominique Frueh
Assistant Professor
NMR studies of modulations of protein dynamics and conformations in active enzymatic systems
Garcia-Moreno scientific imageBertrand García-Moreno
Experimental and computational studies of protein electrostatics, structure-based energy calculations, ligand-driven conformational transition, bioenergetics
Hilser scientific imageVincent J. Hilser
Conformational fluctuations in function, disease and evolution
Kaiser research imageChristian Kaiser
Assistant Professor
Single-molecule studies of the machines and processes in protein translation, translocation and folding
Lecomte scientific imageJuliette Lecomte
Structure and dynamics of protein in solution by NMR spectroscopy
Sadegh-Nasseri research imageScheherazade Sadegh-Nasseri
Mechanisms of T cell activation and unresponsiveness, mechanisms of antigen processing and presentation
Shortle scientific imageDavid Shortle
Protein folding and stability, NMR analysis of denatured protein, preduction of protein structure from sequence


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