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Structural Biology

Amzel scientific imageMario Amzel
Structure and mechanism of proteins involved in redox or phosphoryl transfer reactions, such as FPPS, MICAL, and Pl3K-alpha.  Many of these proteins studied are targets for drug design.
Scott Bailey scientific imageScott Bailey
Assistant Professor
Structure/function studies of genome integrity
Barrick scientific imageDoug Barrick
Stability and folding of modular proteins, structure and sequence analysis of protein evolution, protein-protein interactions in signaling pathways

James Berger
Structure, mechanism, and regulation of molecular machines and assemblies

Bosch scientific image

Jürgen Bosch
Assistant Professor
Structural biology of macromolecular complexes critical for malaria pathogenicity, structure-based drug design

Greg Bowman scientific image

Greg Bowman
Assistant Professor
Structural biology of molecular machines involved in nucleosome remodeling

Dominique Frueh research image

Dominique Frueh
Assistant Professor
NMR studies of modulations of protein dynamics and conformations in active enzymatic systems

Lau scientific image

Albert Lau
Assistant Professor
Characterization of biomolecular association and conformational transitions using computational and crystallographic approaches

Leahy scientific image

Dan Leahy
Structural and biophysical characterization of signaling pathways

Lecomte scientific image

Juliette Lecomte
Structure and dynamics of protein in solution by NMR spectroscopy

Prigge scientific image

Sean Prigge
Associate Professor
Crystallography of malaria proteins

Schildbach scientific image

Joel Schildbach
Structural, biochemical, and functional studies of proteins involved in DNA transfer by bacterial conjugation

Jungsan Sohn research imageJungsan Sohn
Assistant Professor
Structure and function of biological stress-sensors
Joel Tolman research imageJoel Tolman
Associate Professor
Experimental and theoretical NMR, protein structure and function, polyubiquitylation
Herschel Wade research imageHerschel Wade
Assistant Professor
Molecular mechanisms of ligand-dependent transcriptional activation-repression, broadly-specific receptor-ligand systems
Cynthia Wolberger research imageCynthia Wolberger
Structural and mechanistic studies of transcription regulation and ubiquitin signaling


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