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The goal of Molecular Biophysics is to explain biological phenomena in terms of the physical and chemical properties of participating ions and molecules.

This rapidly evolving field draws from the rich interactions that have developed among the traditional areas of chemistry, biology, physics, genetics, computer science, and others.  The Program in Molecular Biophysics is for students who are interested in the integration of diverse disciplines towards greater understanding of living matter.

Researchers in the program combine in novel ways the power of modern spectroscopic methods and computational approaches to unravel the determinants of self-assembly in biological systems.

Others use the tools of chemistry and structural biology to probe the physical bases for molecular recognition and guide the design of new and better drugs to treat debilitating diseases.

Others yet focus on fundamental aspects of solution thermodynamics and refine the description of biological macromolecules in their cellular environment.

The curriculum of the Program in Molecular Biophysics is designed to expose students to fundamental aspects of biomolecular structure, energetics, and dynamics, and to provide practical experience in computational analysis.  The courses and seminars build the conceptual framework necessary for expanding the borders of biophysical knowledge.

collage of scientific images

Program in Molecular Biophysics
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