StudentYearLabResearch Project
Belcher, John 8Lau Computational and crystallographic studies on glutamate receptors and the proteins which traffic them to the membrane
Bettridge, Kelsey 6Xiao Studies dynamics of RNAP in live E. coli cells using single molecule tracking
Klein, Max 6Roberts Development of new methods to simulate decision making in cells using a hybrid multi-CPU/multi-GPU computational architecture
Tenner, Brian6Zhang
Yoder, Jesse6Amzel Structural and thermodynamic characterization of sodium channel inactivation
Bohrer, Chris 5Xiao Investigation of how different genetic switch stabilities are influenced by extrinsic noise
Hobson, Matthew5Berger Structural and mechanistic studies of E. Coli Gyrase
Jeliazkov, Jeliazko5Gray Computational design of crystal lattice interactions to determine recalcitrant protein structures
Kim, Sarah5Hristova Designing pH-sensitive membrane pore forming peptides for enfosomal escape
Klein, Sean 5Barrick Investigation of folding and stability in leucine-rich repeat proteins
Lessen, Henry5Fleming Measuring transmembrane backbone hydrogen bond strength of beta barrel proteins using NMR spectroscopy
Matyszewski, Mariusz 5Sohn Structural studies of DNA sensor proteins involved in innate immunity
McQuillen, Ryan 5Xiao The role of FtsZ in carrying out constriction in E. coli cells
Lessen, Laura5GreenCharacterizing eukaryotic translation termination and ribosome recycling using single molecule TIRF microscopy
Que, Lauren 5Wolberger Role of OTUB1/E2 cross-regulatory complex in DNA repair mechanisms
Bucca, Nadine4Wolberger Structural and Biochemical Studies of PR-DUB
Grasso, Emily 4Hilser Characterization of conformational dynamics in allosterically-regulated protein systems by NMR spectroscopy
Kougentakis, Christos 4Garc’ia-Moreno Dielectric properties of the hydrophobic core of proteins
Marx, Dagan4Fleming Determining amino acid transfer free energies as a function of depth in the bilayer
Nune, Melesse 4Wolberger Regulation of H2B ubiquitylation by deubiquitylating enzymes in transcriptionally permissive regions of eukaryotic chromatin
Paul, Michael 4Hristova Fluorescent microscopy study of endogenous membrane receptors
Rodriguez, Gaddiel4Stivers Role of disordered protein domains on base excision repair
Russo, Miranda 4HilserHeme ligation in THB2, an algal truncated hemoglobin, using UV-Vis and NMR spectroscopy
Sternke, Matthew 4Barrick Stability and functional properties of consensus sequence-designed globular proteins
Bandak, Afif 3Berger Discovery and design of type II topoisomerase inhibitors
Blazosky, Elyse 3Wolberger Searching for sirtuin mediated pathways by mass spectrometry metabolomics
Bobrovnikov, Dmitriy 3Ha Single-molecule method development for characterization of DNA helicases
Martinez, Jaime 3Lecomte Molecular determinants of unusual heme ligation in the algal hemoglobin THB1
Petersen, Mark3Barrick Protein engineering by consensus design
Rice, Anne 3Garcia-Moreno
Veltri, Anthony 3Green Characterizing the crosstalk between mRNA decay and translation regulation in eukaryotes
Zandi, Trevor 3Townsend Computer-aided drug design, synthesis, and characterization of novel beta-lactam antibiotics
Zapata Mercado, Elmer3HristovaDevelopment of a thermodynamic methodology to study the interactions between membrane proteins
Blake, Lauren 2WuLocal control of translation in vivo
Chakrabarti, Mayukh 2AmzelUtilizing computational approaches to investigate the conformational dynamics of PI3K
Karl, Kelly 2HristovaCharacterizing FGFR signalling and differential ligand recognition
Latallo, Gosia2WuVisualization and characterization of G4C2 RNA repeat extension and repeat-associated non-ATG​ translation of C9orf72 gene
Nance, Morgan2GrayComputational modeling and design of antibody glycans
Siddiqui, Arman 2BergerStructural and mechanistic study into type IIA topoisomerase energy transduction capabilities
Wang, Yanbo 2HaCas9 mechanism study using smFRET
Beckett, Morgan1Currently completing rotations and coursework
Cook, Cyril1Currently completing rotations and coursework
De La Cruz, Ana1Currently completing rotations and coursework
Lueck, Jacob1Currently completing rotations and coursework
Marincin, Kenneth1Currently completing rotations and coursework
Morley, Drew1Currently completing rotations and coursework
Plaza-Rodriguez, Alma1Currently completing rotations and coursework
Yovanno, Remy1Currently completing rotations and coursework