The Program in Molecular Biophysics trains graduate students to do cutting-edge biophysics research using the methods of biology, biochemistry, chemistry, physics, engineering, and computer science.

PMB students apply a wide range of approaches in their search for fundamental principles underlying the many reactions and interactions in living systems. Research combines cutting-edge experimental approaches such as single-molecule biophysics, cryoEM, supercomputing, and deep sequencing with established expertise in x-ray crystallography and physical chemistry of biomolecular systems. Combined training in experiments and computation positions trainees to address biological questions on scales ranging from the atomic level to systems-level to huge molecular assemblies and living cells.

Our first-year course curriculum is designed to expose all students to fundamental aspects of biomolecular structure, energetics, and dynamics, computational analysis, including hands-on laboratory training. Thesis research is directed by Hopkins training faculty from four schools (Arts & Sciences, Medicine, Engineering, and Public Health), offering a broad range of thesis research projects. Small research groups foster collaboration and in-depth training. Informal seminars, retreats, and core courses create community.

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