Program Statistics

Over the last 10 years, 72 students have graduated from PMB. The average time to degree is 5.7 years.

PMB Career Outcomes for PhDs Graduating After Year 2000

PositionUpon Graduating Currently 
Academic faculty22.21112
Academic staff scientists11.133.3
Industrial research001617.4
Government research33.388.7
Science-related non-research12131112
Pursuing postdoctoral or other further training 6873.92628.3
Non-science-related 44.399.8
Information unavailable 22.288.7

Academic faculty includes individuals who hold faculty positions at institutions of higher education in the U.S. and abroad. Science-related non-research includes patent law, technology transfer, business development, scientific writing, science policy, and other similar careers.

During the same period, 12 (10%) students left the program with a master’s degree, typically to pursue training in a different field, and nine others left without a degree (7%).