Over the last 10 years, 70 students have graduated from PMB. The average time to degree is 6 years.

PMB Career Outcomes for PhDs Graduating Since 2001

Position# Graduates after Graduation% Graduates after Graduation Current numberCurrent percentage
Academic faculty32.41814.2
Academic staff scientists10.8107.9
Industrial research32.43628.3
Government research21.61612.6
Science-related non-research1915.01814.2
Pursuing postdoctoral or other further training 9474.01411.0
Non-science-related 32.497.1
Information unavailable 53.964.7

Academic faculty includes individuals who hold faculty positions at institutions of higher education in the U.S. and abroad. Science-related non-research includes patent law, technology transfer, business development, scientific writing, science policy, and other similar careers.

Since 2001, 185 students joined the program.  59% have earned a PhD, 6% left the program with a master’s degree, typically to pursue training in a different field, 28% are in training, and 7% left without a degree.