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  • Ana De La Cruz

    Ana De La Cruz

    5th Year, Wu Lab

    B.S. in Biochemistry, 2016, Mount Saint Mary's University

    Research Interests:  Visualization and quantification of protein-mRNA interactions in vivo and its effects on translational dynamics using single molecule fluorescent microscopy

  • Gosia Latallo

    Gosia Latallo

    5th year, Wu lab

    BS, Biomedical Engineering, 2011, Technical University of Lodz

    Research Interests:  Visualization and quantification of biological events as they happen in situ at real time with single molecule imaging and spectroscopy technology.

  • Ifunanya (Ify) Nwogbaga

    Ifunanya (Ify) Nwogbaga

    4th year, Camley lab

    B.S. in Chemical and Biological Engineering, 2018, Princeton University

    Research Interests:  Physics of cell biology and cell migration, coarse grained modeling and simulation

  • Alma Plaza-Rodriguez

    Alma Plaza-Rodriguez

    5th Year, Iglesias Lab

    B.S. in Biotechnology, 2017, Western Carolina University

    Research Interests:  Coarse-grained molecular modeling and simulation, cytoskeletal mechanics, systems biology