StudentYearLabResearch Project
Del Toro Dominguez, Jose1Currently completing coursework & rotations
Dillard, Lucas1Currently completing coursework & rotations
Brantley, Sarah4HilserCharacterization of dynamic disorder in enzymes using NMR spectroscopy
Devlin, Taylor4FlemingBinding of unfolded outer membrane proteins to periplasmic chaperones.
Evans, Daniel4LauDesign of allosteric regulators of glutamate receptors
Fernandez, Amy4BergerStructural and mechanistic studies of prokaryotic DNA replication initiation
Hurst, Miranda4Garcia-MorenoCharacterizing conformational dynamics of proteins with buried ionizable residues using NMR spectroscopy
Nwogbaga, Ifunanya4CamleyCharacterizing the relationship between spontaneous cell turning and cell polarity under perturbations of an environmental signal
Yehya, Nicolas4XiaoInvestigation of gene regulation by chromosomal topological organization in E. coli
Beckett, Morgan5BaileyStructural and functional studies of methylated DNA binding proteins
Cook, Cyril5BarrickThermodynamic characterization of the Notch transcription activation complex
De La Cruz, Ana5WuDevelopment of a robust fluorescence method to detect RS218 E .coliinvasion of human brain endothelial cells
Lueck, Jacob5SohnStructural and biochemical studies of inflammasome signaling
Marincin, Kenneth5FruehMolecular communication between cyclization and substrate-loaded carrier protein domains from a non-ribosomal peptide synthetase
Plaza-Rodriguez, Alma5IglesiasDevelopment of a whole-cell reaction-diffusion model for the Saccharomyces cerevisiae galactose metabolism pathway in order to study the dynamics and cell-state switching behavior under various environmental perturbations
Yovanno, Remy5LauConformational dynamics of the NMDA receptor
Blake, Lauren 6WuLocal control of translation in vivo
Chakrabarti, Mayukh 6AmzelUtilizing computational approaches to investigate the conformational dynamics of PI3K
Karl, Kelly 6HristovaCharacterizing FGFR signalling and differential ligand recognition
Latallo, Gosia6WuVisualization and characterization of G4C2 RNA repeat extension and repeat-associated non-ATG​ translation of C9orf72 gene
Nance, Morgan6GrayComputational modeling, docking, and design of glycans and glycoproteins
Siddiqui, Arman 6BergerStructural and mechanistic study into type IIA topoisomerase energy transduction capabilities
Wang, Yanbo 6HaCas9 mechanism study using smFRET
Bandak, Afif 7Berger Discovery and design of type II topoisomerase inhibitors
Martinez, Jaime 7Lecomte Structure-function relationships and determinants of heme coordination in hemoglobins using UV/visible spectrophotometry, NMR spectroscopy, and X-ray crystallography
Petersen, Mark7Barrick Stability and coupling in autonomous repeat proteins
Rice, Anne 7Garcia-Moreno Patterns of hydration and packing affecting dielectric properties in hydrophobic cavities of proteins
Zandi, Trevor 6Townsend Structural enzymology of mycobacterial L,D-transpeptidases
Russo, Miranda 8HilserInvestigating the link between conformational dynamics and catalysis in Adenylate Kinase using NMR spectroscopy
Aviles, Franklin3HaExploring the kinetics and dynamics of Rad51 DNA repair protein in telomeres
Harris, Fran3XiaoInvestigating chromosome organization and gene expression in E. coli
Park, Esther3GreenCharacterizing the mechanism and proteins involved in nonsense-mediated mRNA decay using biochemistry and genomics
Qu, Amanda3BarrickBiophysical investigations of allostery in consensus designed enzymes
Rahman, Sanim3WolbergerStructural and functional basis of methylation by arginine methyltransferases
Ruffolo, Jeff3GrayMachine learning methods for antibody structure prediction and design
Whitehead, Briana3HristovaDevelopment of Structural and Biophysical Approaches to Study RTK Mechanisms
Andrick, Anna2HilserInvestigating coupling between domains in Adenylate Kinase
Canner, Sam2GrayComputational modeling of glycans for molecular and immunological recognition
Jang, Robbin2TwomeyBiogenesis of AMPA receptors and their various cofactors
Manriquez-Sandoval, Edgar 2FriedIdentifying protein-protein interaction with crosslinking mass spectrometry
Ori, Andrea2FlemingThermodynamic characterization of outer membrane proteins using NMR
Yepes, Martin2XiaoTracking the in vivo dynamics of lytic transglycosylases
Fabilane, Charina1Currently completing coursework & rotations
Fine, Justyn1Currently completing coursework & rotations
Hutchinson, Zoe1Currently completing coursework & rotations
Meneses, Paul1Currently completing coursework & rotations
Nachurski, Adam1Currently completing coursework & rotations
Nesterova, Tanya1Currently completing coursework & rotations
Pearce, Marie1Currently completing coursework & rotations