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  • katie geiger

    Katie Geiger

    6th year, Barrick lab
    BA Biochemistry (Honors), BA French, 2011, Indiana University

    Research Interests:  Protein folding and DNA binding properties of TALE repeat proteins

  • henry lessen

    Henry Lessen

    4th year, Fleming lab
    BS Microbiology, 2013, Texas A&M University

    Research Interests:  Measuring transmembrane backbone hydrogen bond strength of beta barrel proteins using NMR spectroscopy

  • lauren que

    Lauren Que

    4th year, Wolberger lab
    BS Biochemistry, 2013, Mount St. Mary's College

    Research Interests:  Role of OTUB1/E2 cross-regulatory complex in DNA repair mechanisms

  • alvin yu

    Alvin Yu

    6th year, Lau lab
    BS Physics, 2011, Caltech

    Research Interests:  Ligand binding pathways in a glutamate receptor