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Prospective Students Visiting Weekend

This past weekend applicants nationwide flew into Baltimore for the Graduate Program in Molecular Biophysics’ Prospective Students Visiting Weekend. Featured are some photos highlighting the weekend. Faculty and current students had the opportunity to meet prospective students for the coming year in and out of an interview environment. On Thursday, March 8th, everyone gathered for […]

Disordered Protein Function

Vincent Hilser Head Shot

PMB faculty member Vincent Hilser leads a team of scientists that “cracked a key part of the mystery surrounding a distinct type of protein” that could lead to treatments for diseases from cancer to neurological disorders. Science!

PMB faculty member Rachel Green elected to the National Academy of Medicine

Rachel Green Head Shot

Dr. Rachel Green was one of seven Hopkins faculty members newly elected to the National Academy of Medicine (NAM), considered one of the highest honors in the fields of health and medicine. Members of NAM are recognized for having made major contributions to the advancement of the medical sciences, health care, and public health.

New PMB Students!

The incoming PMB class for 2017 has arrived and already attended their first IBR Retreat. We are so excited to have them here to do science with us!

Biophysical Society names Taekjip Ha winner of the Kinosita Award in Single Molecule Biophysics

PMB faculty member Taekjip Ha is set to receive the Kazuhiko Kinosita Award in Single Molecule Biophysics for his “leadership in the development of single-molecule techniques and their application to nucleic acid processing enzymes and particularly for his efforts to elevate an appreciation of single molecule studies among scientists in general.”

Prof. Karen Fleming honored with Diversity Recognition Award!

Karen Fleming, Professor, Department of Biophysics and Dominic Scalise (Whiting School of Engineering) were honored last week with the Diversity Recognition Award. Granted by the university’s Diversity Leadership Council at their annual awards ceremony, the awards recognize exceptional contributions across all nine divisions to furthering diversity and inclusion at the institution. Karen Fleming and Dominic Scalise won […]

Congratulations Jie Xiao!

Thank you to everyone that voted for Jie Xiao’s Idea Lab application in support of Fun for Science Summer Camp for Inner City Students. Her application will be funded! The objectives of the Fun for Science Summer Camp are to promote science as fun, daily activities among rising 5th graders and their families in Baltimore […]

March for Science Information

The March for Science is an international movement that was organized due to the realization by people across the world who value science in their lives that staying silent is no longer an option. Marches are being planned across the United States and internationally.